The Beauty of Goodwick’s Coastal Path

We are just a stones throw away from the beautiful coastal path here in Goodwick, Pembrokeshire. Soak in the astounding Welsh scenery and explore the surrounding areas of coastline in one of Pembrokeshire’s hidden gems. Travel a bit further and discover the Goodwick Sands beach, which features a promenade that sits above the top of the beach and a lengthy breakwater you can stroll along. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins and basking sharks that occasionally swim around the harbour. There is plenty of other natural beauty to marvel at, with various woods and trails scattered along the coastal path to discover along the way.


Jamie Oliver and crew at Ivybridge Guest House

May 2017 – When I was told TV chef Jamie Oliver was filming in the area of course my wife and I were excited to know where he was staying. We thought that perhaps if his film crew are with us that perhaps he will stay somewhere more posh of course! North Pembrokeshire is littered with posh places with traditional Welsh names in the middle of know where. During crew check-in there was a Mr Farmer who we were told to offer an upgrade if at all possible. Well Jan and I fresh from the far east, had no idea that “Mr Farmer” who turns out to be “Jimmy” is in fact probably just as famous as Jamie! Jimmy enjoyed a Chinese meal in relative loneliness as none of the crew had checked in yet. Still no word of Chef Oliver…

Come almost 12 midnight, there was still one check in outstanding. What a wonderful surprise to see Chef Jamie walking up the drive to check in. His first words were are his people behaving themselves? I thought, what a humble guy. How many guests of Ivybridge have asked me is he as nice as he comes over on TV. I can only say that he is a real gentleman and obliged with photos, praise for a wonderful breakfast.

It was only when we came to make up the room that we realised that Chef Oliver even slept in the single instead of the queen bed. On check out he commented that the room provided was far too big for one person.  No sooner had he arrived that he was once again on the road.

My wife and I will definitely be watching his new TV show!