The Ivybridge Guesthouse

‘Relax in Pembrokeshire’

Hello, and Welcome!

A warm welcome from the Ivybridge Guesthouse in Goodwick! We are located ¾ mile from the Stena Line Ferry terminal at Goodwick Fishguard Pier and 20 minutes’ drive on the old A487 to the capital city of Tyddewi St Davids. We are in a beautiful sunny spot surrounded by nature trails, walks and connectivity to the most picturesque coastal walk from Wdig Goodwick to Tyddewi St David’s on one side and the rambling Bryniau Preseli Preseli Hills to the other.

We are a small family run guest house with over 20 years of hospitality management experience in the Far East. It was family who have been living in Pembrokeshire for some time who convinced us to set up our “open house” here in Goodwick.

Surprisingly tourism into Goodwick, Fishguard and on up through the Preseli Hills, has seen a steady increase in recent years as more people from the UK as well as Europe and further afield come to hear of this rural untouched beauty on the Welsh coastline.

Although connectivity by road, rail and sea with Stena Line and the Irish Ferry making regular daily stops from Ireland to our local ports has blossomed, now is the time to experience the local culture before the commercial circus really takes a hold.

Being new to the area I can say that I have been encouraged by the friendliness of our neighbours, the abundance of fresh home bakeries, preserves, seafood, the unrivalled beauty of the coastal path and hills, the Preseli’s, the abundance of nature; the preservation of moors, forestry, lush green vegetation all of which make the area idyllic as a getaway for all the family; truly fabulous!

Mark Rummery

Ivybridge Family Rooms High